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Troy Ellerman, a born and raised cowboy, was a respected attorney and the Commissioner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. He handled the BALCO Steroid case involving the now famous scandal where major athletes were exposed for using illegal steroids. His "leaking" of confidential material to news reporters about famous athletes and their use of steroids resulted in Congressional hearings, award winning books being written, federal investigation's and major changes in steroid testing and regulation. His best friend turned him in after being fired. Troy lost his job, his law license, and went to prison for what he did. This is his fascinatingly true story of success, betrayal, failure, and redemption.


For those of us who are our own worst critics time teaches us not to be so judgmental about our past. The truth is, it is the hardest of times and critical moments of life that become our greatest teacher. It is all a part of our developmental journey to mold us into who we are. Escaping from the crushed and broken places is the fragrance and oil of real warriors who survive to heal others. Troy Ellerman is a real warrior and for those who will take the time to read FORGING IRON, I am sure you will gain strength and knowledge from your own life to survive beyond your own story and step out of your prison to heal others.
Bishop Gary Oliver, Tabernacle of Praise, Fort Worth, TX

"Regardless of what you think or you know about the law, sports or even just people in general, this very interesting book is a must read. Life is meant to be lived going forward, and learned looking backward. Written like a Hemingway novel, this book is riveting and gives a clear view looking back on a shocking scandal, the legal system, our government, and a man struggling to be a good person; you will know a little bit more about all of those things after reading this book."
Mark J. Reichel, Attorney At Law

Troy always said, "The best disinfectant is daylight." Yes, he broke the
law. But he did it with the greater good of our society's safety and the
integrity of professional sports in mind. And he paid a very tall personal
price to do what he felt in his heart would end the hypocrisy and help the
most people. — Kendra Santos, Journalist


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